NWT Literacy Week Highlights (continued)


St. Joseph's Middle School did a variety of activities for NWT Literacy Week:

  • Read-a-thon - students were encouraged to read throughout the week and keep track of how much time they had read. The school tallied minutes to see how much the school had read all together.
  • Get Caught Reading - roving reporters took pictures of students reading throughout the week.
  • Literacy Spirit Day - students were invited to dress up as their favourite author or character in a book.
  • Book Swap - students and teachers brought in books to swap.

Lutsel K'e

The Lutsel K'e Dene School hosted a variety of NWT Literacy Week events. They participated in the Read for 15, hosted a bookmaking workshop and had storytelling and bannock making activities.

photo of participants at NWT Literacy Week event


The Mangilaluk School celebrated NWT Literacy Week by kicking off their Bookworm Challenge. The Bookworm Challenge encourages students of all ages to read. Every time a student reads a book they add a piece to the bookworm. The goal is to make a bookworm that goes right around the school.

The Tuk Child Development Centre hosted a reading program for NWT Literacy Week. They took pictures of all the children reading and put them up around the centre.

photo of participants at NWT Literacy Week event