Family Literacy Training Institute (continued)

The Many Faces of Literacy

In this session participants learned that literacy is not just about reading and writing, but comes in many different forms. They also talked about how they could promote Aboriginal language in their community.

photo of participant at Many Faces of Literacy event holding a hand puppet

Family Literacy in Your Community

Family literacy nights are a great way to get started in family literacy in your community. This session explored different family literacy programs, ideas for family literacy nights, and ways you can partner with others in your community.

Choosing Books

The choosing books workshop explored diff erent types of books and why we love them! Participants had the opportunity to share their favorite books with others and learn how to read with enthusiasm. It was a really fun and entertaining workshop!

Throughout the training we talked about how to promote family literacy and recruit participants.

photo of Family Fun Night poster

Participants told us that they will share what they have learned at the training with others in their community. Many of them said they planned on starting a family literacy program in their community.

photo of participants at the Choosing Books Workshop

We would like to thank the participants of the training for such a great week. And we wish you luck in planning and delivering family literacy programs in your community!

Call the NWT Literacy Council if you are interested in learning more about family literacy.