The Northern Edge

We are currently working on a new edition of the Northern Edge. The Northern Edge is an on-line newspaper for adult learners. We have developed five editions so far. To view the Northern Edge go to our website at

The Northern Edge newspaper cover

The new edition will feature five topics:

  1. Learner Stories We invited two learners to share their stories with us. Both of these learners have been winners of the Council of the Federation Literacy Award. We would like to thank Cindy Voudrach and Kadiatu Dumbuya for sharing their stories and ideas with us.
  2. Finding and Keeping a Job This section has lots of information to help people find and keep a job. Included in this section is information about resumes, cover letters, using the Internet, reference letters, what employers want, networking and much more.
  3. Biographies A biography is an account of a person’s life. We chose three Northerners to write a biography on - Nellie Cournoyea, Richard Van Camp and Rene Fumoleau. You will learn more about these Northerners and about their accomplishments.
  4. Family Literacy Family literacy is about spending time with your children doing literacy related activities like reading, baking, playing games and much more. This section provides viewers with information on family literacy and some resources to use with your family.
  5. Climate Change Climate change is a hot topic right now. We have already done one piece on climate change in Edition Five, but felt that we needed to expand on the topic. This section uses the Smithsonian Institute’s information on climate change. It covers sea ice, hunting practices, Arctic climate change and has a five minute video on Sachs Harbour and the changes that are happening there.

Learning Activities

Each topic has several learning activities. The learning activities are interactive and will help learners understand and digest the information.

Look for the new edition on our website this spring!