Proposal Writing Guide

The Nunavut and NWT Literacy Councils are working together to revise the Tools for Communtiy Building Workbook. The new workbook will have a project planning section, a proposal writing guide, a starting your project section and an evalaution section.

Community Building

We have developed an up-to-date Proposal Writing Guide that will be included in the Tools Manual. We have completed this section first because we know people are writing proposals for projects for the new fiscal year.

Successful proposal writing involves planning, searching for information and resources, writing, submitting your proposal to a funder, and follow-up.

This guide has all the information that community groups need to write a funding proposal. However, we encourage you to carefully read the guidelines for each funding program you apply on.

10 Steps to Writing a Proposal

We have outlined 10 steps to writing an
effective proposal. They are:

  1. Develop a project goal and objectives
  2. Identify activities
  3. Develop a work plan
  4. Develop a budget
  5. Develop an evaluation plan
  6. Complete the proposal (write a summary, description of your organization and a description of the project)
  7. Fill out the application form (if there is one)
  8. Write a cover letter
  9. Get letters of support
  10. Put it all together

Take the time you need. It’s normal for people to go through the first five steps
more than once before they agree on the final objectives, activities, work plan, budget, and evaluation plan.

You can download a copy of the guide from the new website: Tools for Community

You will also find a couple of example proposals to look at.