New Information on our Website

We continue to add to our website weekly. The following resources and information have recently been added to our website. You will find them on the front page of our website under What’s New.

1. Literacy Outreach Stories
Students at the Literacy Outreach Centre in Yellowknife did a story writing unit before Christmas. Each student wrote about a memorable Christmas. Read their stories on our website.

2. Our Annual Report
Our annual report is now on-line. Download a copy and learn more about our programs and services.

3. English 130 Nonfiction Study: Raising Ourselves by Velma Wallis
Want a fully prepared nonfiction study for your learners? This study gives detailed instructor notes and handouts for learners. Raising Ourselves is a wonderful book to share with learners. Velma Wallis writes honestly and with passion about her people’s struggle with alcoholism and cultural loss.

4. English 120 Novel Study: Two Old Women by Velma Wallis
This novel study is at approximately the Grade 6 reading level according to the Fry readability score.

Velma Wallis tells a story from her ancestors. Passed from mothers to daughters for many generations, this ancient story tells of hardship and triumph from a time long ago. Two old women are abandoned by their People only to realize their strength of will and determination to live. This novel study provides learners with a variety of learning activities and handouts.

5. English 110: Five Photo Stories
These Photo Stories are designed for the low English 110 level. They can be used to initiate discussion on northern topics like dog racing, fishing, sundogs, the Arctic Winter Games, and crossing the Mackenzie River on a ferry. The instructor can select the handouts needed to teach or reinforce different concepts.

6. Stories and Activities for English 110 and 120
This resource provides eight stories that were either written by adult learners from the Hay River Learning Centre or used in adult literacy classes in the NWT. The stories that were written by adult learners were made into booklets and illustrated by local artists in the community. Each story has a brief introduction with learning outcomes, learning activities and handouts.

7. Literacy Fact Sheets
Want to know more about how literacy is related to other social issues? Check out our up-to-date literacy fact sheets at