Board of Directors

  • Kathryn Carriere - President
  • Bette Lyons - Vice President
  • Jeri Miltenberger - Secretary
  • Suzanne Robinson - Treasurer
  • Debra English  - Beaufort Delta
  • George Collins - South Slave
  • Marlene Tutcho - Sahtu,North Slave
  • Vacant - Deh Cho
  • Amanda Mallon  - YK, Ndilo, Dettah
  • Vacant - Tåîchô


How can you reach us?

NWT Literacy Council
Box 761, Yellowknife, NT
 X1A 2N6
1-866-599-6758 - toll free
(867)873-9262 - phone
(867)873-2176 - fax

Spring Literacy Activities

Jump into spring with fun literacy activities for the whole family. Here is a great website to check out: http://www. index.html

  • Learn about spring - the season. When does it start? When does it end? What makes spring?
  • Thematic reading list: Spring book descriptions and reviews for preschool and elementary reading.
  • Spring crafts and activities: Tons of craft ideas for spring! Make a butterfly memo board, a craft stick birdhouse, cute as a bug photo magnets, a frog photo holder, a ladybug photo magnet, a photo frame backpack tag or sequin flower photo magnets.
  • Printable spring short stories: Great stories to share with children to clebrate springtime.
  • Printable spring poems and rhymes

Another great website is http://www.enchantedlearning. com/crafts/spring/ You will find spring crafts, worksheets and activities at this site. Some examples of activities are:

  • Spring puzzles
  • Spring books to print
  • Spring colouring books
  • Spring spelling handouts

How can you reach us?

NWT Literacy Council
Box 761
Yellowknife, NT X1A 2N6
1-866-599-6758 -toll free
(867) 873-9262 -phone (867) 873-2176 -fax