Family Literacy Day Highlights

kids drawing a pictureWeledeh Catholic School held a PJs and Books day on Monday the 28th. Students wore their pyjamas to school and tried to get caught reading during the day. The school also held a Literacy Survivor event in the evening for kids and their families, where teams went to different classrooms to complete challenges. The Dogrib language teacher even added a challenge of her own in the Dogrib language. About 45 people came to play - a great turn out for a very cold evening!

The Yellowknife Association for Community Living also held some special activities at the Abe Miller Centre. They worked on word searches and hidden pictures, played Scattergories and finished off with some one-on-one reading time.

The Centennial Library in Inuvik was also busy on January 27th. They hosted an open house for families that included a puzzle station, a games station and an area to play with puppets. Everyone also got to make a baby book or a family memory book. They ended off the evening with a draw for the Harry Potter series of books.

Family Literacy Day activity Family Literacy Day activity