Learning Activity 7

Five handouts

We have used René Fumoleau's photos to develop this section on critical viewing. Many of these activities came from the English 130 Resource Manual.

7-1: Understanding Context

The context is the details in the photograph. You can ask yourself a number of questions to help make inferences about the picture.

Tell learners to act like detectives and ask the 5 Ws and How questions to get more out of the photograph. Place photos around the room and ask the questions below. Ask learners to write down their answers and then share them with others when they are finished. The handout provides learners with practice viewing a photo and answering these questions.

  1. Where is the scene taking place?
  2. Who are the people in the picture?
  3. Are they related in some way?
  4. What are they doing, feeling and thinking?
  5. What is happening right now?
  6. What might have caused the situation?
  7. Why are the people doing what they are doing?
  8. What probably took place just before the photo?
  9. What will happen next?