Writing Skills
Learning Activity 5

5-3: Poetry

Write a poem about climate change. Read the poem below as an example. your poem must be at least eight lines long. It doesn't have to rhyme, but should express how you feel about climate change.

Climate Change Footnote 2
Francis Duggan

The Worldwide human population has more than quadrupled since I was a boy
And these decades of affluence we well may enjoy
Yet due to pollution of land and of water and air
Signs of climate change are now seen everywhere
In the Arctic a part of the World that is very cold
The Winters much milder and shorter we're told
And with climate change animals and birds becoming rare
In the home of the musk oxen and polar bear,
The Antarctic Winter now warmer by four or five degrees
And the sea ice is thinner on the surrounding seas
As polar ice caps melt the sea levels rise to flood coastal lands Worldwide
And from changes in Nature nowhere for to hide,
The threat of terrorism may cause Worldwide fear
But climate change a far greater threat to humanity or so 'twould appear.

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