Learning Activity 1

Three handouts

1-1: Literacy Definitions

Ask learners what the term 'literacy' means to them. Brainstorm their ideas on flip chart paper. ask them to come up with a meaning for literacy. Share the literacy definitions on the handout with them and ask them to choose their favourite definition.

1-2: Word Study

Learners study the new words by categorizing them into nouns and adjectives, breaking the words into syllables and finding root words.

1-3: Crossword Puzzle

Learners fill out the crossword puzzle on the handout. Ask learners to make a crossword puzzle. The website http://puzzlemaker.discoveryeducation.com/ has a crossword puzzle maker. Or learners can search the Internet for another puzzle maker. Ask them to think of 20 words that are related to family literacy and use these words for a crossword puzzle. They will have to think of a clue for each word.