Language Skills
Learning Activity 2

2-1: End Punctuation

Put in the proper end punctuation. Remember that questions end with a question mark.

Mother 2 — How did it go at the family thing

Mother 1 — It was a lot of fun Charlie really liked it — and he liked being with the other kids They taught us some really neat songs and gave us activity cards that have different ideas that I can do at home with Charlie

Mother 2 — How many people were there

Mother 1 — There were six moms and their kids. Family literacy is a lot more than just reading It could be about singing, baking together, or sewing, or even doing traditional on-the-land activities

Mother 2 — Are you gonig to go again

Mother 1 — Charlie really liked it Will you come with me They said they have room for a couple of more parents

Mother 1 — They give you a ride to the program

Mother 2 — Ah sure — I'll try it