Learning Activity 4

4-1: Brain Basics

Read the information below about brain basics and how children learn and then answer the questions below.

Brain Basics

Recent brain research tells us that children begin learning even before they are born. Their early interactions and experiences have a great influence on brain development. it's important for parents and those who care for children to know some of the basic facts about brain development, and what they can do to help a baby's brain develop.

The brain has many different parts that work together. Each part has certain responsibilities, and does its own work, different from that of the other parts.

  1. Left side: analytical, details
    • math
    • logic
    • speech
  2. Right side: abstract, context, big picture
    • colours
    • shapes
    • music
    • art

Are you a “left-brain person” or a “right-brain person”?