Writing Skills
Learning Activity 5

5-3: Expository Writing

Expository writing can inform or give information on how to do something. Write an expository paragraph about family literacy. Pretend that your audience doesn't know anything about family literacy. INclude information about what family literacy is and what parents can do to help their children's literacy development.

Read the example below. It will help you frame your paragraph. Make sure you have an introduction sentence and a closing sentence.

Example of an informative expository paragraph:

Waiting on tables involves many different skills. First of all, a person needs to be physically fit because when you are a waitress you are on your feet for many hours a day carrying heavy dishes or trays. Serving food and beverages means that you often need to be a "juggler." So to be a good waitress, you also have to be physically coordinated. In addition, a waitress needs to have a good memory so she remembers what orders go to what people. A waitress also needs to be polite and friendly to customers even when they are stressed out. As you can see, being a waitress is not an easy job.