Language Skills
Learning Activity 2

2-1: Capital Letters and End Punctuation

Rewrite the text below with all the capitals and punctuation. You will have to read the information carefully and decide where each sentence starts and ends. Check your work with the original.

getting started

employers are looking for workers who are punctual employers place a high value on being punctual employers are also looking for workers who are honest, responsible, good team members, and good problem solvers try to work these words into your cover letters, resumes and interviews and try to continually develop these skills and values

below is an important list of questions to ask when you are looking for work

  1. are there lots of jobs right now
  2. which occupations have the best prospects
  3. what wages can I expect to make
  4. where are the jobs
  5. which businesses are hiring
  6. what skills, education and training do I need
  7. how do I get training and work experience

jobfutures canada is a good place to start they have profiles of 265 occupational groups covering the entire canadian labour market