Practice with Commas

Put the commas in the correct places in the sentences below. If you have problems, reread the information above to help you. You can check your answers by rereading the text Finding and Keeping a Job.

  1. Employers are also looking for workers who are honest responsible good team members and good problem solvers.
  2. Try to work these words into your cover letters resumes and interviews.
  3. When you get an ID and a password at the employment site for example you can then create a resume by typing information into their online tool.
  4. People with limited experience might only need one page but more experienced workers often need two pages or more.
  5. If your resume is longer than one page make sure your strongest credentials are on page one.
  6. You can't change the past and you don't want to lie so focus your resume on what you offer.
  7. If long-term gaps are an issue consider a functional resume style, which emphasizes relevant skills while downplaying work chronology.
  8. You can also include elders, former teachers and other people in the community who know you.
  9. David and Alex are chatting at a party.
  10. This is called networking and since about 80% of jobs aren't advertised it's how many people find work.
  11. To learn more go to the Department of Education Culture and Employment website.
  12. If you do there is some great help you can get!