Writing Skills
Learning Activity 5

5-1: References

Employers usually want three references before they will hire you. They usually like at least one person that you have worked for and one person who can give you a personal reference.

Can you think of three people that can give you a good reference? Write their names below.

Choose one of these and write a letter to them asking them if you can use their name as a reference. Use the example below as your guide.

Dear John:

I would appreciate your help with my job search. I am moving to Yellowknife and I will be applying for jobs there.

With your permission, I would appreciate being able to use you as a reference because you know about my qualifications and skills. Of course, I would let you know when I have given out your name and contact information, so you will know when to expect a call.

Please let me know if you would be willing to give me a reference.