Learning Activity 6

6-4: Apprenticeships

Go to the website http://www.ece.gov.nt.ca/Divisions/Apprenticeship/ and answer the questions below. Try to summarize the information given on the website. Do not copy word for word.

This information will help you understand what an apprentice does, why you may want to become an apprentice, what it takes to be an apprentice and how you can get your apprenticeship started.

  1. What is an apprenticeship?
  2. Why should I become an apprentice?
  3. What do I earn as an apprentice?
  4. Do all trades have apprenticeship programs?
  5. Where do i go to school?
  6. What does the technical school training cost?
  7. How long does it take to become certified at the journeyperson level?
  8. What other benefits to apprenticeship are there?
  9. How do I progress to different levels?
  10. How do I start?
  11. Can I start my apprenticeship while still attending school?