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About our Program and Services

Our plain language program

Our program builds on this philosophy:

  • People have the right to be able to read, understand, and use written information.
  • Business, government, and non-profits have a responsibility to produce written information that people can easily read, understand, and use.
  • Plain language helps people read, understand, and use written information.

Our commitment is to develop partnerships and work cooperatively to achieve our plain language objectives.

Our plain language objectives

  1. To increase awareness of what plain language is and why we should use it.
  2. To train people to write and edit with plain language.
  3. To increase the amount of public information available in plain language.
  4. To support research and other initiatives to increase the use of plain language in public documents.

Our plain language services

We offer fee-for-service writing, editing, workshops, audits, and focus groups - to business, government, and non-profit groups. Contact us for a quote. 867-873-9262

We're eager to collaborate with business, government, and non-profit groups - to plan and carry out plain language projects. Contact us with your ideas. 867-873-9262

bird with a pencilWriting
We do research and write new documents. We write summaries of longer, often more technical documents. We can test the document and make design suggestions.

You get an attractive, concise document your readers can easily read, understand, and use.

We edit the text of an existing document. We can test the document and make design suggestions.

You get a document that's easier to read, understand, and use. Probably shorter too! Your new plain language document will keep the meaning and integrity of the original document.

We use plain language theory, discussion, and lots of practical exercises. We help you develop new knowledge and skills, or review and build on the skills you already have.

You get a unique training opportunity that meets your specific needs and your schedule. You can learn about or review things such as: What is plain language? Why should I use it? Who benefits? How do I use plain language to write or edit? How can I promote plain language?

a bird readingAudits
We use our audit tool and a readability assessment to assess your document for plain language.

You get a checklist that identifies the plain language principles your document has and those it lacks. You get a brief report that analyses the reading level and suggests how you might change your document so its easier to read, understand, and use.

Focus Groups
We organize and facilitate a focus group to review and test your document. The focus group represents the document's readers.

You get a report with useful feedback from a sample of your readers. This information can help you revise your document.