A Plain Language Audit Tool The Northwest Territories Literacy Council
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What is a plain language audit? pencil image

A plain language audit tells you if your document(s) use plain language.

Plain language is writing for your readers.

Plain language applies writing and design guidelines that help people read, understand, and use written information.

This plain language audit uses:

  • a checklist of plain language guidelines to tell you which guidelines are present and which are absent in your document(s).
  • a readability test to tell you the grade reading level a person should have to read, understand, and use the information in your document(s).
Who should do a plain language audit? pencil image

Everyone who produces or distributes information for the public should do a plain language audit for those documents.

You don’t need any special skills, but you do need some time. Expect to spend an hour or two, depending on the number and length of your documents. Anyone can do it and it is well worth the effort.

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