A Plain Language Audit Tool The Northwest Territories Literacy Council
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How do you do a plain language audit? pencil image

There are four simple steps to this plain language audit:

Step 1)

Pick one document or group of documents to audit.

Step 2) Use the checklist to find out which plain language guidelines are present and which are absent in your document(s).
Step 3) Do one of the two readability tests described in this section.
Step 4) Identify the document(s) that need a plain language edit.
Step 1: Pick one document or a group of documents to audit.

You do a plain language audit on documents that already exist. We suggest you read or scan your document(s) before you do the checklist in Step 2.

You can do a plain language audit on one document or on many documents at the same time.

You might have several types of documents about the same topic or program:

  • brochure

  • booklet

  • application form

  • letter

  • poster
If you have a group of documents about one topic, it will be helpful to audit the group together.

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