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Plain Language Resources and Links


Write for Your Reader

  • An easy-to-use 'how to' manual for people who write or edit reports, memos, minutes, brochures, or other documents.
  • Step-by-step.
  • Before and after writing samples.
  • Collection of alternate words and phrases.
  • Summary checklist of plain language guidelines.
  • HTML and PDF versions.

Plain Language Audit Tool

  • Uses a checklist to tell you which plain language guidelines are present and which are absent in your documents.
  • Readability tests to tell you the grade reading level a person should have to read, understand, and use the information in your document(s).
  • HTML and PDF versions.


Clear Language and Design (CLAD)
East End Literacy

  • CLAD is a public education program of East End Literacy, a non-profit group that helps adults learn to read and write, and educates the public about literacy. CLAD offers fee-for-service editing and consulting.
  • CLAD's website has lots of information and a good on-line reading effectiveness tool.

Plain Language Association International (PLAIN)

  • PLAIN is an organization of professionals who design and create communications projects to better serve the needs of the public, clients, customers, and staff.
  • PLAIN has information about conferences, news, samples, government initiatives, resources, and other things.

Plain English Network

  • The Plain English Network is a USA government-wide group of volunteers working to improve communications from the federal government to the public.They believe better communication will increase trust in government, reduce government costs, and reduce the burden on the public.
  • The website has lots of resources to help writers achieve the goal of clear communication.