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A Plain Language Handbook

Get feedback from your readers.

This is the most useful test. The feedback you get from your readers is well worth the effort and time spent to plan and carry out this test.

Follow these steps to get feedback from your readers:


Find a sample of your readers. Other agencies might be able to help.

ii. Decide what questions you want your readers to answer. For example, is the purpose clear? Is there too much or too little information? Can people read, understand, and use the information?
iii. Make a schedule. Decide how much time you expect readers will need to spend to review your document. Decide when you will give them the document and when you want their feedback.
iv. Decide on a process to get their feedback. Will it be a group or individual meeting, in person or on the phone?
v. Contact readers. Be very clear about what you want, the schedule, and the process. Leave room for them to say no. Ensure confidentiality. Offer honoraria if appropriate and possible.
vi. Carry out the plan.

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