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A Plain Language Handbook

The NWT Literacy Council wrote and produced this handbook. The Department of Education, Culture, and Employment, Government of the Northwest Territories funded the project.

A big thanks to the people who reviewed the handbook. Your comments were very helpful.

The project also produced a Plain Language Audit Tool as a separate document. You do an audit to find out if your documents use plain language.

If you have questions about plain language or this handbook, contact the NWT Literacy Council

Address: 5122 - 48th Street
Box 761, Yellowknife, NWT
X1A 2N6
Phone: 867-873-9262
Fax: 867-873-2176
E-mail: plainlanguage@nwtliteracy.ca
Web Site: www.nwt.literacy.ca

The NWT Literacy Council offers plain language services. We can:

  • Design and deliver plain language workshops that meet your needs.
  • Edit your documents with plain language.
  • Assess documents for plain language.
  • Provide literacy profiles to help you understand your readers’ needs.

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