Arts and Literacy

Arts and Literacy

Hello! My name is Nicole and I am thrilled and grateful to be joining the talented NWT Literacy Council as a Family and Community Literacy Coordinator. I have always enjoyed working with families and learning about their unique experiences.

Before joining the NWT Literacy Council, I worked with public art galleries in their programming and education departments. My background is in Fine Arts, with more recent training in Public Programming and Community Engagement. As a Public Programs Coordinator in the cultural industry, I had the opportunity to meet and work with an array of local artists, organizations, and community members. Whether leading tours, working with students, or organizing family events, I was always delighted to notice how naturally conversation occurred during creative activities, and the interest people had in embracing and exploring visual literacy. I am always amazed by the way that images and visual media can spark curiosity and bring people together in meaningful ways.

The link between visual literacy and family literacy inspired my interest in working with the NWT Literacy Council. I am fascinated by the way different forms of literacy share a common goal of communicating ideas, stories, or emotions, and building important connections between people. I am excited to contribute my energy and experience to the important work that the NWT Literacy Council does for its communities.

  • Nicole Sharp, Family and Community Literacy Coordinator

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