Balancing Smart Devices, Social Media and Life

Balancing Smart Devices, Social Media and Life

When Facebook was new, I enjoyed getting in touch with friends that I hadn’t seen in years. It really opened up the world. I spent hours and hours scrolling and posting, and adding friends. Then one day I was so distracted by this social media thing, I realized I was not keeping my little ones safe.

I turned around to find my one-year-old child sitting in the middle of the kitchen table. I realized that I could not use social media without an addiction to it looming around the corner.

I have had several smart devices but now choose to have a simple flip phone. Being a part of the flip phone club has allowed me to sit back and observe what is happening out there when it comes to adults, kids, and the family situation. I see families, friends, and coworkers sitting in restaurants not communicating with one another. Instead, they spend the majority of their time on their devices.

I see people not having random conversations with strangers because they may feel safer on their devices. I go to conferences and meetings and see almost everyone distracted by their device. I am not sure how much information people are actually absorbing when they multi-task.

I used to be a real multi-tasker myself, until I realized I was not being very efficient with my time. Even though these smart devices allowed me to take great pictures, schedule reminders and appointments, and keep a running grocery shopping list, my flip phone is much less stressful.

I still engage in human connection, setting a good example for my kids on the fine balance of technology and life. I also save money now that I don’t worry about data usage charges.

This blog was inspired by an article titled, The Dangers of Distracted Parenting. I’m not the only one reverting to a flip phone.

— Christine Barker, Family Literacy Coordinator

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