Celebrating Black History Month

Celebrating Black History Month

We are excited to join in celebrating Black Excellence this month with a few fun giveaways!

The 2024 theme for Black History Month is: “Black Excellence: A Heritage to Celebrate; a Future to Build”. This theme celebrates the rich past, and present contributions and accomplishments, of Black people in Canada and internationally, while aspiring to embrace new opportunities for the future. 

Representation is fundamental for children, youth and adults to develop a strong sense of self, identity, confidence and value. One way to celebrate Black Excellence and increase representation is through books and stories written by Black authors. To include the many differences in culture, identity, and experiences for people who identify with the Black community means sharing a wide variety of books and stories. We hope to contribute to expanding awareness of these great works to help bring about equity in the literary world.  

Keep an eye on our social media platforms for posts that raise awareness about Black authors and for a chance to win some great prizes.

-    Christine Lewandowski-Shannon, Project Specialist: Family and Community Literacy

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