Check out our Aboriginal language resources during Aboriginal languages month

Check out our Aboriginal language resources during Aboriginal languages month

Aboriginal Languages Month is a perfect time to highlight the Aboriginal language resources on our website. 

We have family literacy resources in all of the NWT Aboriginal languages to help families share Aboriginal languages and culture. 

  • Building Aboriginal Literacy cards show families how children learn language and provide ideas for helping that process along.
  • The Children’s Growth Chart shows the main developmental stages between six and 30 months of age.
  • The Love Grows Brains pamphlet tells families how they can help a child’s brain development through love and attention.
  • The On The Right Track booklet suggests ways to help a child discover the love of reading.  It also lets parents know why they are so important in the life of their child.

Aboriginal language instructors in NWT schools work to revitalize their languages and cultures.  We profile one of those instructors, Anna Lee McLeod, of the Moose Kerr School in Aklavik, on our Essential Skills at Work in the North job board. Instructor

“You’ll never regret taking the time to get educated to become a language instructor because the rewards are just shown on the students’ faces when you’re teaching them every day, especially at the younger ages where they’re just like sponges where they just soak in everything that is being taught.”

Anna Lee says that as a teacher and a parent she wanted to be “part of the team to reinforce the language and culture” because it was disappearing before her eyes.

Check out her inspiring story.  Then become part of the team and do your part to celebrate Aboriginal Languages Month by teaching, speaking or learning one of the nine official Aboriginal languages in the NWT.
-- Pat Ilgok

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