Empowering Northern Youth

Empowering Northern Youth

The NWT Literacy Council is currently running a new program known as Empowering Northern Youth (ENY). This program is a tri-territorial project with the Yukon and Nunavut running similar programs in their respective Territories. Our program has recently completed its first cohort of participants and is set to begin our second cohort on April 25th, 2022. Our program consists of four weeks of in-classroom training and skills development, followed by a two-week job placement program with various partner employers in Yellowknife. The first cohort was a tremendous learning experience not only for our participants, but for the facilitators as well.

We partnered with numerous businesses, Elders/knowledge holders, and other content specialists. Over the course of a busy four weeks, our participants were given the opportunity to obtain their First Aid, WHMIS, FoodSafe, and Young Worker Safety certifications, in addition to support for getting driver's licenses, preparing for interviews, completing criminal record checks and numerous other employment certifications and tasks. Participants also tried many traditional Indigenous skills, including carving, beading, leatherwork, and basketry. They had the opportunity to learn how to net and properly clean a fish at the Dechinta Centre for Research and Learning Łiwe (fish) Camp.

 We will be running ENY this fall with another two groups. If you, or someone you know, would like to attend our program, please reach out to myself, Jeremy Mousseau, or Kristie Leach at jeremy@nwtliteracy.ca or kristie@nwtliteracy.ca. We can provide more information about the program. All youth aged 15-30 are encouraged to apply if they are seeking job experience and training. We are looking forward to another successful program. Our first cohort has taught us so much, and we are extremely excited to meet the participants in our next cohort.

  • Jeremy Mousseau, ENY Coordinator

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