Family Literacy Day 2023

Family Literacy Day 2023

Family Literacy Day started in 1999 to raise awareness about the importance of reading and engaging in literacy-related activities as a family.  It has continued annually to this day.

Family Literacy Day is coming up on Friday January 27th and we have some exciting interactive activities organized for families here in the North!

The national theme for 2023 is “Celebrate your Heritage”.  

We are excited about this theme as we have so many diverse cultures to celebrate and learn about in the Northwest Territories. This theme creates the opportunity for families to explore, learn and share about their own heritage together, and to explore other cultures in our greater community.  

Here at the NWT Literacy Council, we are taking the theme into the kitchen and inviting families to join us in exploring family traditions that centre around coming together to share food.

Activities for Families

Here is what we have lined up for families and caregivers:

A fun and interactive invitation to prepare food together and share your experience with others. Participating families can win prizes to enjoy as a family.

  1. Connect: Talk with your family, either in person or on the phone, about some of your family’s favourite foods or dishes. Have your children be part of the conversation.  
  2. Select: Using the following ideas as a guide, pick one dish or recipe that:
    1. Has been passed down from other family members.
    2. Is from your heritage.
    3. You enjoy making together now.
    4. You have heard about and want to learn how to make.
  3. Plan:  Decide when you will try it out with your kids, and gather the ingredients needed.
  4. Create: Cook or prepare the food together as a family. 
  5. Capture: Have the children
    1. Write out the recipe or process, and/or draw out the ingredients.
    2. Draw, use playdough, or paint a picture of the food or dish you make.
    3. Take photos of the experience and your final product.
  6. Share your experience with us between January 20th and February 24th by:
    1. E-mailing your recipe, any of the drawings or photos, and your mailing address to 
    2. Tagging us on any posts you might make on social media: @NWTLiteracyCouncil on Facebook or @nwtlieracycouncil on Instagram.

We will share recipe submissions and any images you wish to share on our Facebook page.

Full Instructions: To download the full instructions and print out templates to guide the activity above, click here.

Prizes: All e-mailed submissions will receive a prize in the mail.

For additional resources and print-outs of activities to do with your children or students, please visit ABC Life Literacy Canada’s website: 

ABC National Family Literacy Day Resources  


Family Literacy Day Funding Opportunities for Organizations, Childcare Facilities, or Schools

This year, to celebrate National Family Literacy Day, the NWT Literacy Council is accepting applications for up to $500 to run a community event or program around the theme Celebrate Your Heritage.  

For more information on how to apply click the following link: 

Funding for Family Literacy Day Events

  • Christine Lewandowski-Shannon, Family and Community Literacy Coordinator

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