Four reasons I loved my summer job at the NWT Literacy Council

Four reasons I loved my summer job at the NWT Literacy Council

We’re hiring a summer student.  I worked at the Council for four summers and highly recommend this summer job.  Here are my top four reasons why.

The job has lots of variety

My responsibilities changed from summer to summer as the literacy council starts and finishes new programs.  I created How To Kits and resources that have been distributed to communities throughout the north.  I packed thousands of backpacks with books and resources to give to each newborn in the NWT.  I was in charge of organizing and sending out resources.  Our resource library grows every day as we produce more material, and finding space for all of it here at the office requires a bit of creativity. All those hours of playing Tetris really paid off.

I got to enjoy the sunshine

Many of my tasks involved getting out and enjoying our beautiful Yellowknife summers by working local events such as garden parties, book drives, and my favourite activity, giving out free books from the book mobile.

They gave me responsibility

I co-led a photo-voice project during my first year working as a summer student and it was quite an extraordinary experience. I worked with youth in my community and gave them a safe and productive project to work on during months of free time that can easily lead to inactivity and boredom. The experience I gained working with people and facilitating a program start to finish was amazing and invaluable to me.

They hired me back year after year

They have been great to me over the years. Hiring me back each summer really relieved a lot of stress during exam times at school.  I knew I had a job in the summer, and a job that was really going to help me out with my future career in education. This year I am working full time with the NWT Literacy Council in Youth and Adult Services, facilitating programs for adult education.

If you’re a student or you know one, pass on the word about this great summer job.  We’re accepting resumes at until 5 pm on May 2.

-- David Buchanan

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