Hi! My name is Balqisa.

Hi! My name is Balqisa.

Hi! My name is Balqisa. I am excited and honoured to share my experience of working with the NWTLC. I joined the Literacy Council in 2021 as a Summer Student. I helped staff with their daily programs and enjoyed it a lot.

Before joining the Literacy Council, I worked in both Early Childhood Education and Administration fields. I started my career in childcare as I always loved working with families, especially kids, and helping them prosper in life. Later, I decided I also need administration skills to be able to fulfil my daily tasks and I familiarized myself with some computer basics. With both skills, it made my journey easier.

My work experience before I joined the Literacy Council combined with my experience as Summer Student allowed me to rejoin the NWTLC as an Administration Coordinator. This has allowed me to learn and gain more experience. I am amazed how everything in our lives involves literacy. I am lucky to have this opportunity. I will dedicate all my efforts and contribute my energy to my work with the NWT Literacy Council.

  • Balqisa Kulan, Administration Coordinator





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