Our Christmas Book Picks Part 2

Our Christmas Book Picks Part 2

Immigrant City, by David Bezmozgis is on my Christmas wish list. This collection of short stories presents immigrant characters in all their complexity and contradictions.  An interview on CBC with the author really intrigued me to know these stories more deeply.  It reminds me how unique each of the experiences are of newcomers to Yellowknife. I hope that, because it is short stories, I will be able to put the book down and get some work done between stories!  
-    Karen Johnson, Community Connections Coordinator

My son will receive The $100 Startup by Chris Guillebeau. He is a first year business student. I hope he hears the message of doing what you love while living a life of meaning, purpose and adventure.

I’m giving A Team of Their Own by Seth Berkman to my hockey loving daughter. The book tells of the story of North and South Korean women who came together to create a unified hockey team and play in the 2018 Winter Olympics.  Described as not just a sports book, but an inspirational book about courageous young women, I think it will be a good choice for any young woman, especially one who loves the game of hockey. 

-    Kathryn Barry Paddock, Executive Director

I am giving The Space Barons by Christian Davenport to my eldest daughter for Christmas because she loves to read about space and she has always wanted to work with a space agency.  She’s always been interested in NASA and their space projects so I hope that she will really like it. This book is about entrepreneurs using their resources towards a future space mission. 

I am giving Scared Little Rabbits by A. V. Geiger to my youngest daughter because she loves this author and she likes mystery and thriller books.  This book was just released, and she really wants to read it! The book is about a girl who goes to a summer camp about programming and ends up trying to solve a mystery. 

-    Uma Sivakumar, Office Manager

Space Barons
Scared Little Rabbit
Immigrant City
A team of their own

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