Plain language improves customer relations

Plain language improves customer relations

International Plain Language Day is October 13 and the theme this year is: Improving Customer Relations.

Clear, everyday words, and as few of them as possible, can help business, governments, and agencies improve relations with their clients, customers, supporters, and the people they serve.

International Plain Language Day encourages people to think about how they can communicate more clearly.

As @WeekendWitch tweeted, “Plain language is cool, we say what we mean; short to the point & no fluff in between... No jargon or passives, just everyday words, straight talking language is NOT for nerds.” Some believe Twitter has had a positive impact on the use of plain language.

Plain language has many benefits for everyone, regardless of their literacy level. Our website lists some of the myths about plain language and the facts.

Here are some ways you can celebrate Plain Language Day in your workplace.

  1. Learn the plain language process.
  2. Create a list of your workplace jargon and challenge your co-workers and staff to use clear alternatives.
  3. Reward clear communication in your work place. Establish an employee reward system for staff members who find ways to make public information more clear.
  4. Download or order copies (free to NWT residents) of our updated plain language resources: Write for Your Reader and Plain Language Audit Tool.

Your customers, patients, clients and supporters will thank you for making the effort.

— Kathryn Barry Paddock

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