A poem a day makes me happy

A poem a day makes me happy

April is National Poetry Month. For the first time I’m paying attention, due entirely to the Yellowknife Public Library poem-a-day newsletter.

You don’t have to live in Yellowknife. Megan Clark will send a poem-a-day to any NWT resident. Megan, the Public Services Librarian, will send one or two poems to your email inbox each day in April.

I know we all have too much email. But this is really worth it. How can it be bad for you to spend a few minutes out of your day to read a poem? One day this week, I was introduced to a poem by Shane Koyczan, who grew up in Yellowknife, and a second poem for younger readers.

I’m pretty sure that second poem, The Pirates Code of Conduct, by Douglas Elorian, will attract reluctant readers. I can’t wait to try it out on some that I know. It starts this way.

“Don’t take a bath.
Avoid all math.
It’s best to yell
And blessed to smell.”

Poem-a-day is the perfect opportunity to get exposed to a variety of poetry you otherwise might not know about. You might rediscover some favourites. And, after April is over, no more poems to add to your inbox burden. I bet we’ll miss them.

Do yourself a favour and send a quick email to library@yellowknife.ca and sign up.

— Kathryn Barry Paddock

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