The Power of Literacy

The Power of Literacy

Dàąt'e, ?édlánet'ea, Tanisi, Dànch'ùh, Haluuqqagin, Ainngai, Aaqana, Negha dágǫ́ht'e, Negha dágǫndíh, bonjour and hello!  My name is Kristie and I am proud and excited to be a new Community Literacy Coordinator.  Since I was a little girl, stories have been an important part of my life.  Listening to stories, reading, retelling tales, writing, and watching movies have helped make me who I am.  Not only have stories helped me to learn about my family, but they have also helped me to better understand and appreciate others. Reading and hearing people talk about their histories and personal journeys have given me important knowledge that I might not have otherwise learned. 

Words can be powerful tools, no matter what form they take. Being able to tell others who you are and where you come from in your own words can help make you a stronger and more confident person. I believe that each person should have the tools to tell their own tale and to feel capable of accessing any story. As part of the NWT Literacy Council, I hope to help others have the chance to do both things. I am very grateful for the opportunity. 

  • Kristie Leach, Community Literacy Coordinator








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