Three for Change

Three for Change

Three for Change is a collaborative project between the Yukon Literacy Coalition, Ilitaqsiniq- Nunavut Literacy Council and NWT Literacy Council. It is intended to support the development of social enterprises and skills that will help people to find success in business development.

Funded by Employment and Social Development Canada, the work of the three Territories will be guided by project objectives which include:

  • Creating training modules focused on specific Skills for Success,
  • Creating a northern approach to developing social enterprises, and
  • Developing social enterprises across the north and within each individual Territory.

The phrase “social enterprise” refers to a business which is directly involved in the development, and/or selling, of goods or services that both generate income and achieve or contribute to a social and/or environmental goal.  Many social enterprises can be found within non-profit organizations and align their purpose with the mission statement and work of the organization.  These organizations could be a society, charity or a co-operative.

For the next three years, the three Territories, using a northern approach, will work to develop a social enterprise that addresses a need of the vast region of Northern Canada.  One aspect of this work will be the development of materials, and the delivery of training, in skills required for the enterprise to be successful.  These include problem solving, communication and innovation.  While the NWT will collaborate with the other two Territories, it will also develop local social enterprises that serve identified needs within the NWT. 

I’m excited to be part of the team at the NWT Literacy Council.  For almost 30 years I have been involved with the Literacy Council and their programs, specifically Family Literacy. Being part of the staff is a new angle from which to address literacy development.

I recently retired from 28 years with the GNWT where my focus was child and family development.  I worked with the department of Education, Culture and Employment (ECE) in the Early Childhood Program, and eventually migrated to Health and Social Services working in the areas of mental health and addiction and child protection services.  Over the years I was responsible for both program and policy development.  While in ECE I worked closely with the Literacy Council on the development of family literacy.  I am pleased the collaboration on this work in the early years has enabled the Literacy Council to continue delivering family literacy as a foundational program.

I look forward to working on the Three for Change project.  It’s exciting to be at the start of the project, to be able to see its development and be part of discussions that shape the project. Ultimately, I look forward to seeing the positive impacts social enterprises can have for individuals and for communities.

  • Gillian Moir, Three for Change Project Manager

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