Three Reasons You Need Ceremony

Three Reasons You Need Ceremony

You are currently suspended in time

The world is going through a viral pandemic, and every day still feels surreal.

You may feel lost. Ceremony can help you move through changes, challenges, time and space.

Ceremony is the act of ritual for a greater purpose. It can include thoughts, words, actions, or objects, and can be conducted alone or with others.

It is a way for us to communicate with each other, the energy that connects everything, and ourselves. Whether you consider yourself spiritual or not, you need ceremony.

  1. Your body will thank you

As you prepare your ceremonial space, slow down. Move deliberately and with care.

Take deep breaths. Close your eyes and feel the oxygen filling your entire body. Pay attention to each muscle and relax them one at a time.

Check in with your body and allow it to release tension. Remove your tongue from the roof of your mouth. Drop your shoulders. Straighten your spine.

You are completely in tune with your senses and surroundings.

  1. Your mind will get what it’s craving

Ceremony is like meditation. Focus completely on this task to give your brain a fulfilling job.

Positive thought, intention, and gratitude are essential for our well-being in this crazy world.

What all are you grateful for? What do you hope for? How do your actions impact the world?

Think of all the people that lived before you and made it possible for you to be reading this. Give thanks to them and to everything that nurtures you – water, food, shelter, oxygen, love.

  1. Your community will be stronger and more connected

If you put time and energy into caring for yourself, you may be better equipped to help others.

Ceremony is not about empty thoughts and prayers; it’s about setting an intention and following through with it.

We are social creatures who thrive on community care. You have so much to offer the world, and the world has so much to offer you.

You know how to make the best of it

You are not lost. You are not lazy. You are an amazing human being, and you can do this. After all, you have already survived the worst day of your life, maybe several times over!

Ceremony brings people and the planet closer together, but first it brings us closer to ourselves. Feel your feelings. Forgive yourself and be kind. Allow yourself to see the bigger picture.

Hold ceremony for yourself, or with someone in your household. Synchronize ceremony with others so you hold it at the same time in your respective homes.

Continue to make the world a better place by holding ceremony today. Mahsi cho.


Written by Coleen Hardisty, Youth Literacy Coordinator, NWT Literacy Council


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