When a swim is a dream come true

When a swim is a dream come true

This is not a fairy story; it’s a real one — follow me, and you will understand. It seems like yesterday, but it is more than eight or nine months ago. I remember the first time when a group of ladies shared our wish to have a swimming pool for women only. It was our dream. It seemed like a big deal, but we believe that sometimes a dream may come true.

I know, you are asking how does this happen? For sure, I’ll let you know. I attended, with my husband, a meeting about newcomers recently. There we met Karen, from the NWT Literacy Council.  While talking with her, we shared the wish. A few days later we received an email inviting us to come to the swimming pool on February 23 for a women-only swim.  Women in the community started informing each other, preparing, and confirming that this event will really happen.

The swim was scheduled to begin at 8:30 pm, but all of us were there before that time. We were waiting, excited, and happy — yes, very happy because this multicultural event permitted moms to share a fun time with their daughters, and friends to meet. The swim was an escape and a relaxing time after a hard day. Believe me, it was more than that, it was a meeting of cultures because there were women from different parts of the world — the Middle East, Africa, Asia…It was all ages — girls, teens, ladies and seniors.

As I write, I am hearing the joyful laughs of those girls and the sounds of those ladies who want to learn how to swim. I am seeing the dives of those who know how to swim. There was harmony between the generations and cultures. The ladies hope that the story will not end in just that one day; their wish is that this will be a monthly ritual.

Thanks to all who helped our dream to come true.

— And, our thanks to Lilia Abdessemed, who wrote this guest blog.

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