World Children’s Day: November 20

World Children’s Day: November 20

For over 60 years, the United Nations has marked World Children’s Day on November 20. Each year, the day is held to reflect on improving the welfare of children and to connect nations in the awareness of the needs and gifts of children. Childhood experiences vary among nations, and within nations, but World Children’s Day is a day to think about how to help provide the best foundation for all children, everywhere.

This year, the universality of the day connects to a common need. As we all have navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, children throughout the world have been learning and developing in uncertain times. Families around the world have struggled to maintain their livelihoods and wellbeing, and to support their children’s development and emotional needs.

This is a great day to take time to celebrate the children in your life. Do an activity or play a game together that you all enjoy. Cook a special dish together or spend time together on the land. You can visit our website to find lots of resources for families.

Here are some tips, tools and events that I’ve collected from other parents to help support children during this time:


  • Where You Are Podcast by BC Children’s Hospital’s Kelty Mental Health Resource Centre. Episodes Parenting During COVID-19: We’re All in This Together and Back to School During COVID-19: Special Webinar Edition are both from season 2 of the show. Other episodes may also be helpful for families.
  • Curious Kid Podcast: “Curious About Coronavirus” This podcast is created for kids, with a six-year-old host.

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Katie Johnson, Family and Community Literacy Coordinator

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