An Australian up north by Leesa Myers

An Australian up north by Leesa Myers

I was approved for a Canadian Working Visa in late 2019. I didn’t know anyone in Canada so didn’t have a destination in mind. I opened Google maps, scrolled towards the north and liked the sound of Yellowknife, so I booked a flight.

I was aware that there would be some major differences. Leaving an Australian summer to enter a Canadian winter was going to be interesting.

I was prepared for cold weather. I wasn’t prepared for a language barrier.

The first time I was asked what pop I would like when having lunch, I had no idea what they were referring to. My blank expression gave way to a smile when my server began to list all the available drinks.

The second incident involved a toque, or as I would normally call it a “beanie”. When I mentioned I couldn’t find a price on the beanie the attendant stared at me confused until I showed her the hat. I am also conscious that I likely pronounce toque incorrectly with my inability to soften the pronunciation of any vowel.

Back to the weather…

I was quite lucky in that for my first week here the weather was averaging -15. I thought I had acclimatized well until the -30s began. I left Australia just before Christmas when it was averaging +30 degrees each day. Now I have developed a habit of licking my teeth because they get cold from constantly returning people’s friendly smiles.

During a moment of naivety, or possibly stupidity, I went out hiking to the ice caves during my first -40 day. My phone died from the cold. My eye lashes froze over. But it was incredibly magical. I was gifted a lovely pair of mittens which have saved me during the extreme cold days (thanks Janet).

It has been quite the adventure with hopefully many more to come.






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This sounds like an interesting trip and I hope we hear more from you!

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