Connecting the north through libraries

Connecting the north through libraries

Libraries have become so much more than stacks of books and librarians telling you to keep your voice down. They have expanded into busy learning centres for sharing information and building community.  

From renting DVDs and audiobooks to attending library programs, people enter a library for lots of different reasons. The diversity of library patrons relates to why people choose to visit their local library. Whether you’re an entrepreneur looking for information on how to launch your business, or an artistic teenager looking for tips on how to improve your drawing skills, the library has something for everyone.  

For some NWT communities, the library becomes less of a physical space and more of a sense of community.

It’s hard for me to imagine life without a library. I have always been lucky enough to live in a community with access to a library, often several branches. Growing up in Calgary, there was always a library close to me, be it public, academic, or special. Even in Yellowknife, we have a variety of libraries and archives full of resources to feed curious minds.  

What about those people who don’t have access to everything that a library has to offer? Of the 33 communities in the Northwest Territories, only 21 have a community library. A library should be a place that is available to everyone. So, the Northwest Territories Public Library Services allows all NWT residents to sign up for a free library card. Residents can have books, DVDs and audiobooks delivered to their homes anywhere in the territory. Anyone with an NWT library card can also access eBooks and audio books online through OverDrive. Libraries are a place where everyone is welcome.

Whether you’re an avid reader or a TV fanatic, the library has something for everyone, and we welcome you to join us from every corner of the territory. I’ve included the link for the Borrow by Mail Program for those who are interested in becoming a library member.

—  Thank you to Alessandra Waddell, of the NWT Library Association. You can learn more about Alessandra on the association website.

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