Family Activities for the Holiday Season

Family Activities for the Holiday Season

A great thing about the holiday season is all the time off work and school that we can spend with our loved ones. While family time is great, sometimes we find ourselves looking for ways to keep the kids entertained and busy while limiting TV and other screen time. Here are some suggestions to beat boredom over the holidays.

Take a holiday light tour.
Go for a walk (or drive, depending on how much ground you’re trying to cover) to check out the Christmas lights in your community. Vote to see which houses are favourites with your family.

Have a gingerbread house competition.
Break up into teams and have a gingerbread house decorating competition. Gingerbread not your thing? Make mini-“gingerbread” houses using graham crackers.

Try a winter sport or activity.
With Christmas comes snow and with snow comes all those special outdoor activities we can only do in the wintertime. Go for a skate or play a game of shinny with your family. Skating isn’t your thing? Why not head out to the sledding hill for an afternoon of fun! A few years ago we put together a how to kit with more ideas: 20 Fantastic Outdoor Family Literacy Activities.

Play games.
While getting outside is awesome, eventually it’s time to come inside and warm up fingers and toes. Why not pull out some of the family’s favourite board games? Introduce your children to some of your favourite classics like Monopoly, Candyland, or Trouble. If you’re looking for something a little more active, play hide-and-seek! You will find other ideas in our Indoor and Outdoor Winter Games & Activities how-to kit.

Create homemade decorations.
Creating your own homemade decorations for the holidays has so many advantages. They make great gifts for friends, teachers, and neighbours, and they’re fun to make. One of our favourites is making baker’s clay ornaments. Decorations made of baker’s clay are cheap and easy and the perfect craft for all ages. They can be painted or left as is. Check out the baker’s clay recipe in our resource, Recipes for Fun.

Make a list of New Years resolutions/wishes for your family
Coming up with a list of New Years resolutions or wishes is a great way to commit to spending time together throughout the year. You can also set goals to accomplish as a family. Consider goals such as volunteering, being more environmentally friendly, or weekly “Family Nights” that can make the most of family time together in 2019.

Happy Holidays everyone!

— Charlotte Upton




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