Fun things to do with your family this March

Fun things to do with your family this March

The days are getting longer, and hopefully warmer as we head into my favourite month of the winter. I love March; the snow is so bright and beautiful; the light lasts into the evening and there are so many fun things happening all around the NWT. March also means a break for most kids, and a chance to add in some fun family activities. Check out these fun ideas to make the most of March!

  1. Join in on a community celebration. Many communities have fun festivals during March, with lots of activities for families. Check out this list, and let us know if your community has one as well:
  • K'atl'odeeche First Nation will host the K’amba Carnival February 28-March 3.
  • The Beavertail Jamboree in Fort Simpson is March 3-10.
  • Wood Buffalo Frolics in Fort Smith will be March 7-10.
  • The Snowking and his crew will open the Snowking Winter Festival in Yellowknife from March 2-31.
  • The Long John Jamboree will take place on Yellowknife Bay, March 29-31.
  • The Canadian Championship Dog Derby is also March 29-31 in Yellowknife.


  1. Go green for St. Patrick’s Day. There are lots of fun crafts and activities your family can do together for St. Patrick’s Day. Here are some ideas:
  • We Are Lucky wall. Cut out shamrock shapes and ask everyone to write down, or tell you, reasons that they are lucky. They could be things like “I am lucky because I am loved,” “I am lucky because I play hockey,” or “I am lucky because I got to read an extra book at bedtime.” Then put your shamrocks up on the wall to remind you of how luck you all are.
  • Paper Plate Shamrocks. Cut a 4-leaf clover shape out of a paper plate, and cut up small pieces of green tissue paper. Let your kids dip the paper pieces in glue and then cover the whole plate with paper.


  1. Play with the beautiful snow. Here are some fun ways to use snow in your family activities:
  • Paint with snow! You’ll need to move quickly for this one. Head outside with a bowl or plastic container and collect some snow, and bring it back in. Kids can carve or shape the snow in any way, and then pour paint on top of the snow. Next, press down with a piece of paper and get a snow painting.
  • Paint on the snow! This is a fun activity you can do outside. You’ll need squeeze bottles or spray bottles. Fill them with water. Add as much food colouring as you would like and give it a shake. Now you are ready to decorate the snow.


Check out our Storywalks ® as a fun way to get outside and enjoy a story together. Contact our office for information on how to borrow them. We also have a resource full of fun things to do outside.…

Let us know what you are doing for family fun and learning in the month of March.

- Katie Johnson


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