Physical Literacy – Keeping active in the winter

Physical Literacy – Keeping active in the winter

During the long, cold winter months it can be hard to find the motivation to get outside and stay active. While we definitely approve of staying cozy indoors and catching up on a good book, here are some suggestions to keep your physical literacy sharp as well.

Get out in your community:

  • Sign up for community or territorial fitness challenges like Walk to Tuk. They’re a great way to keep moving as well as be social. Plus who doesn’t love a bit of friendly competition to see who can make it the farthest!
  • Keep up to date with community events. Participate in community activities, dances, workshops and performances.
  • Play a game of shinny at your local outdoor ice rink. Extra points if you’re playing in Deline (one of the earliest games of hockey ever recorded was played there)!

Take up a new sport or a new activity:

  • Just for fun, try new activities with your family and friends. Contact your recreation coordinator to see what different activities are available in your community.
  • Try a new seasonal sport like cross-country skiing or snow shoeing. Depending on availability in your community you could also try out snowboarding, curling, or fat-tire biking.

Challenge yourself:

  • Challenge yourself to move more. See if you can add some distance to your winter walk, try out new hikes, take the stairs, or try walking to work at least once a week.
  • Cell phone apps like Strava track the time, distance and course taken, and includes leader boards, achievements and challenges. Set up an account and try to improve each week!

Make it a family affair:

  • Schedule a regular time each week to get active as a family. This can include a free skate at your community arena, family swims at the pool, outdoor free play in the snow, or any other activity where you spend time moving together.
  • Check out our Indoor and Outdoor Winter Games and Activities How to Kit on our website for more ideas on how to keep your family moving together all winter long.


— Charlotte Upton, Family and Community Literacy Coordinator

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