Trauma-informed practice essential for more than just educators

Trauma-informed practice essential for more than just educators

Kim Barthel delivered a fascinating workshop last week on trauma-informed practice that could impact the work of everyone who attended, including the six of us from the NWT Literacy Council.

We learned about how a person’s history can impact the DNA and behaviour of future generations, and how relationships are key to a learner’s success.

Probably more than one workshop participant wishes they had this kind of information earlier in their career. I know I did. The Department of Education, Culture and Employment hosted the workshop I attended. Kim delivered her message to justice and health workers as well while in Yellowknife.

Kim is an Occupational Therapist, perhaps best known for co-authoring a book with former NHL hockey player, Theo Fleury.

Doreen Reid works for the Department of Justice in Yellowknife. She put together a list of YouTube videos of Kim’s presentations and interviews. These are a great resource if you haven’t heard Kim speak in person, or just want more of Kim’s inspiring knowledge.

Kim Barthel on Child Development and Trauma (12 minutes)

Speaking About the Brain with Kim Barthel (13 minutes)

Kim Barthel on Attachment (8.5 minutes)

Theo Fleury on the journey to healing from trauma (25 minutes)

Theo Fleury / Kim Barthel interview Part 1 (8 minutes)

Theo Fleury  / Kim Barthel interview Part 2 (6 minutes)

If you know of more links to helpful information about trauma-informed practice and attachment, please share them below.

— Kathryn Barry Paddock

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