Youth and Adult Literacy

Youth and adult literacy programs support young people preparing to enter the labour force, through to adults who have retired and want to maintain their skills. Literacy skills enable people to participate fully in their families, communities, and workplaces. In each situation, they need different forms of literacy, and different skills.

Youth and adults’ interests, needs and learning styles are different from those of children. As a result, we need to use different approaches to teaching and learning. The work we do in youth and adult literacy is community-based. 

Youth literacy and adult education programs are vitally important in the NWT to support literacy development among people who may not have the skills they need for today’s world.

To support youth and adult literacy development, we:

  • Develop a wide-range of learning materials for instructors and learners. (See our resources section.)
  • Develop and deliver a range of workshops and training for youth and adult literacy development. These include: literacy and essential skills; youth literacy; financial literacy; digital literacy; health literacy; workplace literacy.
  • Promote the value of literacy.
  • Monitor government policy and funding for adult literacy.
  • Conduct research in the adult literacy field.

The NWT Literacy Council can help community-based organizations, including adult educators, to offer youth and adult literacy programs in their community, through our workshops, training and free resources.