Guest Blog by Peggy Holroyd and Hugh Moloney The Wiiliideh language word for “white person” is “kwedone,” which literally means “rock person.  This comes from one of the first experiences that the Yellowknives Dene had with prospectors who came North in search of gold. This one phrase describes an historical situation and perception unique to this place.  This is the case with many other… Read more.
Aboriginal Languages Month is a perfect time to highlight the Aboriginal language resources on our website.  We have family literacy resources in all of the NWT Aboriginal languages to help families share Aboriginal languages and culture.  Building Aboriginal Literacy cards show families how children learn language and provide ideas for helping that process along. The Children’s Growth Chart… Read more.
Here is our list of gardening books we promised to share in our recent blog, “How to garden in February".  These are some of our favourites for families.  You might find some of these books in your community or school library.  If not, ask if they can order a few of them.   Picture books for very young children (and adults who love picture books) Growing vegetable soup, by Lois Ehlert.  Bright… Read more.
If you want to find out how to improve your health and well-being, head over to Ècole Sir John Franklin School this weekend to the NWT Wellness Conference.  The NWT Literacy Council will be there, along with about 400 other participants. As a literacy council we’re interested in wellness, because the overall health literacy in Canada is low, and it’s even lower in the NWT. Almost 60% of our… Read more.
When you think of February 14th, do you think of roses, chocolates and kids giving cards to all their friends?  Valentine’s Day is a great time to remind the people around us that we care for them.  At the NWT Literacy Council we use this date to share the love of reading. This is our second year participating in International Book Giving Day.  The idea of this day is to spread the love of… Read more.
You might find it hard to imagine a garden this time of year, when all you see is snow, ice and frozen everything.  Diving into a seed catalogue is an inexpensive way to experience a bit of summer. Planning a garden is a perfect way to do family literacy activities that the whole family-from toddlers to elders-can learn from and enjoy.  Planning a garden can involve reading, using numbers,… Read more.
After a year of delivering financial literacy workshops, some in small communities, I’ve really become aware of the lack of access to financial services in much of the NWT.Without a bank in your community it’s difficult to impossible, for example, to set up a Registered Education Savings Plan to save for your child’s education.  Without a bank, you end up paying higher fees for cheque cashing… Read more.
The suggestion in the new Literacy Council booklet, Children Need Play Every Day, to let children take the lead during play struck a chord with me.It’s easy for adults to forget how to really play.  Sometimes we let product take over process or play.  We need to be reminded to just let things happen.  I got thinking about how children can spend hours playing with trucks or make-believe games.  I… Read more.
National Family Literacy Day is quickly sneaking up on us.   If you’re in the same situation, you’ll be happy to find new resources up on our website to help you celebrate. We produced a new booklet called, Children Need Play Every Day.  It’s a great handout and discussion tool for parents.  We also created a colourful family literacy infographic that talks about what family literacy is and why… Read more.
The New Year is when we resolve to do better and be better.  The NWT Literacy Council is no different. We have a link to our blog on our new website, but during 2013 blogging regularly got pushed off the side of everyone’s desks in light of more urgent tasks.  2014 will be different!  We WILL blog.  We want our blog to be a place we can raise literacy issues and share information.  We want it to… Read more.