Last week Lisa Campbell wrote about her daughter’s struggle to learn to read.  Maria was diagnosed with dyslexia in grade two – but only after her parents did their own research and paid for testing themselves. Luckily we caught it early.  Cheryl, the Executive Director of KC Dyslexic Learning Centre in Winnipeg, told us her story.  Her daughter struggled all through elementary school.  She was… Read more.
Guest blogger Lisa Campbell is a former NWT Literacy Council staff member.  She continues to do contract work with us.  I’ve worked in the education field for over 20 years and specifically in literacy for 15 years.  I was certain that my daughter would be reading by the age of five. I read to Maria on the day that she came home from the hospital and I don’t think there has been a day that… Read more.
There’s good news about Aboriginal languages in the Northwest Territories. Participants at an Aboriginal language networking workshop were inspired last week by three young people attempting to learn their Aboriginal language. This week CBC north highlighted a new Cree cooking show and the 17 people in the Dehcho involved in a University of Victoria language revitalization program. At last… Read more.
  Dëneze Nakehk'o captured the feeling at the Weaving our Wisdom: A Territorial Wellness Gathering in his comment “wellness is the jackpot”.  That was his response to one participant who joked that one conference activity resembled BINGO.  A strong, healthy, collaborative north is the best prize any of us can hope for. Participants traveled to the gathering from all 33 NWT communities.  They… Read more.
Everyone can celebrate NWT Aboriginal Languages Month.  It’s as easy as talking to a baby or toddler in one of our Aboriginal languages. We know it’s easier to learn a language when we are young, so do the baby in your life a favour.  Help them learn their language while it’s easiest for them – before they are five years old.  Help them hear as much of their language as possible in the earliest… Read more.
  The NWT Literacy Council is thrilled to announce a pan-northern project that brings new skill-building opportunities to northerners. We'll work with the Yukon Literacy Coalition and Ilitaqsiniq-Nunavut Literacy Council to embed literacy and essential skills in current and new training programs related to natural resources, tourism and the service industry.  Each literacy council will take… Read more.
Guest blog by Noushin Naziripour, Yellowknife Public Library Do you buy books and don’t get past the introduction?  Do you want to improve your reading habits?  Do you miss reading because of your busy and stressful life? Then read slowly to reduce stress or consider joining a silent reading café.  You could join the “slow reading” movement, where slow reading groups around the world are… Read more.
This weeks’ blog is about love.  You may well ask what love has to do with literacy and learning.  A lot, as it turns out.  Our booklet Love Grows Brains explains how the experiences we give our children in the first three years of life lay the foundation for lifelong learning.  It describes how loving care is not only important, but is necessary, for a baby’s brain to grow.  This is one… Read more.
Katie Randall and I travelled to Tulita recently to visit one of our Skill Builders Projects in action.  Bradley Menacho, the community recreation coordinator, is leading a Drum Making workshop at the Cultural Centre on Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  Participants are learning the basics of drum making through this series of workshops.  Drum making is a tradition that has long been a part of… Read more.
Our Snuggle Up Together booklet suggests 100 great reads for babies, toddlers, and preschoolers.  Whether you have young children, are looking for a gift, or need ideas for a family literacy program, this booklet offers great tips as well as great book ideas. Family Literacy Day was this week.  Family literacy is getting lots of attention because we’re learning that active reading and other… Read more.