The New Year is when we resolve to do better and be better.  The NWT Literacy Council is no different. We have a link to our blog on our new website, but during 2013 blogging regularly got pushed off the side of everyone’s desks in light of more urgent tasks.  2014 will be different!  We WILL blog.  We want our blog to be a place we can raise literacy issues and share information.  We want it to… Read more.
Here are the books that folks at the NWT Literacy Council are giving, or hope to receive, this Christmas.                                                                                                                                                 Saints of the Shadow Bible, by Ian Rankin I love detective stories.  As a Scot, I really like Ian Rankin’s books about John Rebus, a crusty detective… Read more.
We expect that anyone developing a new website will feel like we do right now – whew! Finally! Working on a new website requires lots of attention to details and strong communication with the developer.We hope that you can find what you want more easily on our new website.  People are often surprised at how much is on our site.  We have dozens and dozens of resources to help family, adult and… Read more.