March 2020 is likely a memorable date for most people. It was the date that formal announcements of the COVID-19 global pandemic began to change and impact the lives of many Canadians. The world came to (what felt like) an abrupt halt as we adapted our routines and habits to keep ourselves (and each other!) safe. It certainly was a unique and “unprecedented” period in history. Three years later… Read more.
February is Indigenous Languages Month (ILM) in the Northwest Territories, but we’ve extended our Bingo challenge until March 10! We want everyone to have a chance to learn, speak, share and live NWT's Indigenous languages.  This year’s ILM theme is “I’m in”, as in, I will participate! I will take part! Indigenous Languages Month isn’t just for the NWT’s fluent speakers; it’s also for non-… Read more.
Guest blog by Liz Liske, Yellowknives Dene First Nation member, descendant of the Tatsǫ́t’ıné (Copper) people that surround Great Slave Lake from Chief Drygeese Territory, Somba K’e also known as Yellowknife, NT in the Akaitcho Region. Grand-daughter of Elise and Antoine Liske from Akaitcho Region; of Adele and George Hardisty from Dehcho Region. Daughter of Ethel and Philip Liske.  Dene… Read more.
…In celebration of Indigenous Languages Month. Let’s begin with daht’e? How are you? Would you love to speak more than one language? I would love to speak several languages! I remember Father Pochat, our late priest in Behchoko, spoke seven languages. As a child I was amazed with his talent, even more that he learned to speak Tłı̨chǫ and read it. Speaking more than one language can have benefits… Read more.
Years of working with underrepresented communities, and belonging to one himself, has taught Ambe Chenemu the value of one word: empowerment. Going on three years now, Chenemu has been the president and founder of the Black Advocacy Coalition, also known as BACupNorth. The coalition advocates for issues relevant to Black people in the North and supports the socio-economic development of the Black… Read more.
In celebration of Black History Month, Black Advocacy Coalition (BACupNorth) has gathered a collection of books written by Black authors from around the world. The books on this list span many genres -- from historical fiction and autobiography, to sci-fi and more. Some stories tackle complex issues such as intergenerational trauma, racism and reclaiming one’s identity. Others celebrate love,… Read more.
Family Literacy Day started in 1999 to raise awareness about the importance of reading and engaging in literacy-related activities as a family.  It has continued annually to this day. Family Literacy Day is coming up on Friday January 27th and we have some exciting interactive activities organized for families here in the North! The national theme for 2023 is “Celebrate your Heritage”.   We… Read more.
After 36 years, we bid farewell to the Peter Gzowski Invitationals for Literacy (PGI) at the end of 2022. The Peter Gzowski Foundation for Literacy (PGFL) has followed the changes in fundraising and capacity over the years and has decided that their financial support can be better used to help literacy programs directly rather than supporting fundraisers. We look forward to seeing the new shape… Read more.
To complete our holiday book blogs, we are happy to share what we are looking forward to reading in 2023. To see our 2022 holiday book selections, check out the blogs here and here.   Conversations with a Rattlesnake by Theo Fleury and Kim Barthel The NWT Literacy Council recently attended a workshop in Vancouver run by one of the authors of Conversations with a Rattlesnake, Kim Barthel. The… Read more.
NWT Literacy Council staff have an annual tradition of sharing suggestions for books we are giving as gifts during the holidays, books we have enjoyed reading in the last year, or books we are looking forward to next year. We hope you enjoyed our first set of recommended books here. Check out our third list on January 5, 2023 to see what we will be reading in the new year. The Expectant Father… Read more.